Thursday, 19 January 2012

A New Era For OSGOF

The role of the Office of the Surveyor General Of the Federation (OSGOF) in Nigeria as a national mapping agency is changing. We live in an era where the computer and the internet had revolunitionalised how people live and conduct business. Companies and Government Agencies within Nigeria are realising that a large percentage of their operations are underpinned by geography. With great advancement in mainstream Information Technologies, hardware, software, Geographic Information System, Global Positioning System (GPS), etc demand for map data is fast evolving from analogue format (paper) to digital.

With the appointment of Professor Peter Nwilo as the new Surveyor General of the Federation, OSGOF is entering into a new consultative forum with stake holders in Nigerian Geographic Information industry with a view to identifying business opportunities to strengthen the use of more digital mapping products to power more business operations of companies and government agencies across Nigeria. OSGOF is currently evaluating its product portfolio with more focus on developing new digital map products that our Nigerian customers would love to use.

OSGOF is also taking seriously all avenues to engage more in an effective manner with Nigerian professionals in the mapping industry, students studying geography or map related courses and the general public with interest in map data and its uses. We are confident that this is within our remit as an innovative national mapping agency. 

OSGOF will therefore be making regular posts on this blog provding behind-the-scene details of our operations, our existing products, insights into our new map products, tips on how to get the best of our products and case studies on how private companies and government agencies across Nigeria are using our map products.
We therefore welcome your feedback. You are free to link to our blog or make reference to our posts; however we require that you acknowledge us as the source of any material you make use of on our blog.


  1. This is great. It is particularly refreshing to see this determination to use mordern platform to engage with the Nigerian GI practioner in this innovative way. I guess Prof Nwilo is determined to take OSGOF to the next level as Nigeria's mapping agency.

  2. Thank you Ireti Ajala. OSGOF is always exploiting new ways to keep engaging with stakeholders of Nigerian geospatial Industry. Please tell your colleagues about the new wind of change sweeping our industry.

  3. Hi Surveyors,

    What's the procedure for registering a survey to a new buyer where the former has a consent? Do u need an instruction from the seller to the office of surveyor General for a change?, does the surveyor of the buyer need to liaise with the surveyor of the seller before a change can be made? Is it possible to have a land with two different titled surveys at the Surveyor General's Office? Where does Change of Name apply as against Governor's Consent (On Lagos State Government's Ministry of Lands website, there's reference to Change of Name but not much on when it's applicable.